Management coaching

We offer a personalized approach to assist your managers in their operations. Whether they are starting off in their career or more senior and facing significant transformations, we have the experience and expertise to help them move forward.

Conferences and strategic meetings

We can lead your strategic meetings and help you motivate your operational groups to deal with transformation projects or challenges faced by your company in a competitive marketplace. We are recognized around the world for our experience as speakers (Les Affaires, CRM, CCW and SOCAP).


We can help you implement a coaching approach aligned with your vision of service quality and the customer experience you need to deliver. We support your managers in action, we implement the approach, we train them, observe them and provide feedback.

We assist you in all management activities of your CCC. We work with CCC leaders from all areas (energy, finance, insurance, government, sales, etc.) to help them transform their service approach

  • Operations diagnosis

    Analysis of the CCC environment using the Triad Audit evaluation framework. It allows us to measure the CCC’s operational performance in the three fundamental areas of management: human resources, work processes and technologies.

  • Strategic positioning

    Strategic plan review to improve the vision and governance structure following organizational changes.

  • • Feasibility studies

    Impact studies carried out during major changes such as the acquisition or development of a new operating site, changes in self-service tools, implementation of teleworking, outsourcing, the integration of new customer contact channels and more.