What are the Triad benchmark studies?

Is your contact centre experiencing challenges in these areas: service-level management, quality approach, recruitment process, employee retention, service transformation and the move to new channels? If your operation is grappling with two or more of these issues, the Triad Excellence Circle is a strategic tool to help you and your team achieve customer service excellence. Through quarterly studies and surveys, we analyze the evolution of CCC business processes in Quebec and share our findings with you.

Our latest study

Agent training, coaching and career development

Executive summary extract

Agents are at the heart of our contact centre operations, and therefore a core concern for managers. This study aims to measure and understand the business processes involved in managing agents’ skills, in terms of training, coaching and development.

Sharing meetings

At the end of each study, Services Triad organizes online meetings to share and discuss the results obtained.

Keep an eye on our correspondence for the benchmark meeting that will follow our next study.

Studies over the past 2 years

2024-01 Agent training, coaching and career development

2023-03 IVR Chats and Chatbots

2023-02 Complaints and claims management

2023-01 The state of Human Resources in CCCs

2022-03 CCC technologies

2022-02 Workforce planning management